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Acrylic Displays that elevate your products. You’re purchasing directly from the Manufacture . 



Safety Shields



4 Standard Styles

Horizontal and Vertical Models

Quick Set-up

Fast Shipping

Stay Safe



Choose from:

Slide-on Leg Shields (left)

Side Mounting Supports (right)


Detail of leg attachments:



Slide On Leg (pictured left))

Side Mounting Leg (pictured right)


Welcome to Jule-Art Inc.’s online store. We design and manufacture our acrylic displays. Here you will find the largest selection of acrylic displays on the Internet, with thousands of items for you to choose from. Our ever-expanding collections include displays for countertop, wallmount, floor, and slatwall. We offer you a complete selection of acrylic stands, jewelry displays, mineral, and fossil displays, retail fixtures, food service displays, literature holders and much, much more. Download our Catalog. Shopping online with us is safe, easy and secure. Just click “add-to-cart.”


Custom Products

E-mail Info@jule-art.com for custom inquires. Submit a drawing, specifications including measurements and quantity. Custom items may be subjected to additional terms. Minimums are required.    




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