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Drink and Cereal Displays

Simple Two Gallon Dispensers

880-185022 1/26 1/26 $87.77Single two-gallon dispenser with base
880-185122 1/213 1/169 $129.09Double two-gallon dispensers with base
880-185222 1/220 3/49 $224.86Triple two-gallon dispensers with base

Three Gallon Dispenser with Ice Tube

880-17652099 $309.39Three-gallon juice dispenser with removable ice container keeps your drinks cool all day long. The inner ice tube holds one-half bag of ice, which chills milk or juice without diluting. Ice can be added throughout the day to prolong cooling time

Five Gallon Drink Dispenser

880-185522 1/29 1/212 $141.51This drink server is a supersized version of our two-gallon beverage dispenser. Holds a generous five-gallon liquid capacity, with the drink unit seated securely upon a black acrylic riser base. Fill with ice, and drinks stay cold all day long. Spout and base included

Ten Gallon Drink Dispenser

880-185625 1/211 1/411 3/4 $223.17Same as our Five Gallon Dispenser with twice the liquid capacity! Perfect for weddings and banquets.

Rotating Drink and Cereal Dispensers

880-183512 1/25 1/210 $85.961 single drink holder replacement
880-183612 1/25 1/25 1/2 $37.581 single cereal holder replacement
880-183712 1/21414 $68.98Rotating base replacement
880-184012 1/21414 $326.85This display features 3 drink holders and rotating base
880-184112 1/21414 $294.446 cereal holders and rotating base
880-184212 1/21414 $316.062 drink and 2 cereal holders with rotating base
880-184312 1/21414 $261.221 drink and four cereal holders with rotating base

Rotating Cereal Tubes

880-1845151212 $176.02Holds 4 different cereals in angle-topped tubes. Each tube has an attached handle and hinged lid for easy pouring. Rotating lazy-Susan base is constructed of contrasting black acrylic

Cereal Box Holders

880-186018 1/21111 $181.79This rotating box dispenser holds single serving boxes of breakfast cereal. Rotates on a lazy-Susan base
880-187012 1/812 1/814 1/4 $73.49Three tier dispenser organizes single serving cereal boxes. Provides full view of contents by rotating on a removable lazy-Susan base._x000D_
880-187515 3/414 3/817 3/4 $89.21Three shelves hold approximately 45 single serving breakfast cereal boxes. Shelves are tilted at an angle for easy access and visibility.