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Ice Cream Cone Holders

Cone Cabinet

CONECABINET11 1/211 3/411$206.16Cone cabinet comes with two interchangeable inserts for both sugar cones and waffle cones. Sugar cone insert holds 9 cones in 1.25'' holes. Waffle cone insert holds 9 cones in 2'' holes. Case has front hinged door with stainless steel handle and magnetic closure. Easy cleaning.

Cone Guards

CHG11219 1/26 1/8$60.43Sizes for five sugar or waffle cones with protective acrylic guard. 1 1/2'' holes for sugar cones.
CHG21219 1/26 1/8$60.431 3/4" holes for waffle cones.

Bulk Toppings Holders

880-196515 1/4412$93.65Our most popular bulk toppings dispenser for frozen yogurt and ice cream. Lid has a corner cutout to accommodate ladle handles.
DRYBIN427 3/449$95.69Displays dry toppings for ice cream and frozen yogurt. Unit has a vertical insert that keeps contents visible to customers. Hinged lift-top has utensil slot in front.

Cone Risers

CHR15 1/8122 3/8$32.58Eight holes, with bottom-hole shelf for stabilizing cones. 1 1/2'' holes for sugar cones.
CHR25 1/8122 3/8$36.331 3/4" holes for waffle cones.
CONESW6 1/412 1/88 1/8$92.86Universal display holds either 6 sugar cones or 2 waffle cones. Sugar cone holes measure 1-1/4'' diameter. Waffle cone holes are 2'' diameter. Can be custom laser engraved with your logo.

Cone Pedestals

CHP14 1/26 1/26 1/2$23.01Sizes for sugar and waffle cones. Has 1 1/2'' holes for sugar cones.
CHP24 1/26 1/26 1/2$23.011 3/4" holes for waffle cones.