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Acrylic Canisters

Upright Bulk Food Bins

880-176022620 $195.37When counter space is at a premium, triple your display size by expanding upward. Our upright bulk food bins have hinged, flip-up lids. Removable bins are seated upon a contoured, laser-cut acrylic stand. Includes 3 suction cup hooks and 3 white scoops.

Straight Food Tubes with Lids

FDT66666 $31.91Straight top style includes lid. _x000D_
FDT1261266 $52.42
FDT88888 $96.12
FDT1281288 $125.40
FDT1010101010 $157.02
FDT1610161010 $253.69

Angled Food Tubes with Lids

880-189086 1/29 $55.50The angle-cut bottom of our display tubes makes each cylinder ''lean'' forward for easy access. Lids come with an attached clear acrylic knob and an inner ring on the underside for secure seating atop tubes. Each angled food tube includes one suction cup hanger and a white scoop.

Angle Cut Canisters

FDTA86866 $43.56
FDTA1261266 $48.72
FDTA1281288 $114.48
FDTA1410141010 $248.51
FDTA2010201010 $300.19