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Acrylic Pedestals & Shelves

Use our mix-and-match system to create your own display with shelf and pedestal components in a variety of sizes. Made of 3/8″-thick clear acrylic, the shelves have richly polished beveled edges for a refined look.


  1. Choose the shelf size and shape that you require. Shelves come in square, rectangular, or round.
  2. Choose pedestals that will fit with your shelf choice. Pedestals are made of slide-together, X braces.
  3. Done! It’s that simple.
pedestal display

Rectangular and Square Shelves

platform shelf

XH12123/81212 $20.83
XH12163/81612 $25.65
XH12243/82412 $35.47
XH16243/82416 $43.12
XH12363/83612 $50.77
XH12483/84812 $60.95Recommended that 3 pedestals be used for support
XH16363/83616 $69.65
XH16483/84816 $114.76Recommended that 3 pedestals be used for support


round platform

Round Platforms

XH12R3/81212 $34.76
XH16R3/81616 $50.60

x pedestals

Pedestal Bases

XR3688 $17.23Acrylic pedestals are two-piece interlocking units that slide together for assembly - no tools required.
XR3361212 $21.52
XR51288 $34.94
XR55121212 $46.81
XR71888 $53.22
XR77181212 $72.88