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Acrylic Bases and Lids for Box Cases

Acrylic bases are available in clear and black acrylic. Bases have a stepped edge, which keeps the cover in place. Our box cases can be inverted and turned into bins. Bins can be topped with a clear lid to form a closed container. To find corresponding box cases that match these bases and lids, search for the cases by the Part Numbers listed in Notes.

clear acrylic base

Clear Acrylic Bases

CJ04B1/244$11.06Fits CJ04 and CJ045
CJ1B1/266$16.42Fits CJ1 and CJ15
CJ2B1/288$23.38Fits CJ2 and CJ25
CJ3B1/21010$37.52Fits CJ3 and CJ35
CJ4B1/21212$54.54Fits CJ4 and CJ45
CJR46B1/264$14.21Fits CJR46 and ACJR46
CJR69B1/296$20.80Fits CJR69 and ACJR69
CJR82B1/2128$36.11Fits CJR82 and ACJR82

black acrylic bases

Black Acrylic Bases

CJ04BB1/244$11.70Fits CJ04 and CJ045
CJ1BB1/266$16.70Fits CJ1 and CJ15
CJ2BB1/288$27.05Fits CJ2 and CJ25
CJ3BB1/21010$44.62Fits CJ3 and CJ35
CJ4BB1/21212$64.40Fits CJ4 and CJ45
CJR46BB1/264$16.70Fits CJR46 and ACJR46
CJR69BB1/296$24.06Fits CJR69 and ACJR69
CJR82BB1/2128$43.20Fits CJR82 and ACJR82

cj lid

Clear Acrylic Lids

CJ04T1/244$9.91Fits CJ04 and CJ045
CJ1T1/266$16.59Fits CJ1 and CJ15
CJ2T1/288$26.17Fits CJ2 and CJ25
CJ3T1/21010$40.34Fits CJ3 and CJ35
CJ4T1/21212$57.35Fits CJ4 and CJ45
CJR46T1/264$12.04Fits CJR46
CJR69T1/296$23.38Fits CJR69
CJR82T1/2128$36.06Fits CJR82