Mini Bins

Extra-small compartments make it easy to keep tiny items stocked in this bin unit. The mini bin system is made up of 10”-long trays that are 1 1/8” high and 2” deep. The system price is all inclusive: sides, nylon thumbscrews and trays. Additional trays may ordered separately under the Replacement Trays section below.

mini bin system

Complete Bin Systems

MY44 7/810 1/48 $64.67Four Tray Mini Bin System. Includes 4 mix & match trays. Choose 4 trays from the options below
MY67 1/410 1/412 $92.62Six Tray Mini Bin System. Includes 6 mix & match trays. Choose 6 trays from the options below
MY89 1/210 1/415 1/2 $120.61Eight Tray Mini Bin System. Includes 8 mix & match trays. Choose 8 trays from the options below
MYT1M1101 3/4$0.00One 9 3/4"-wide compartment
MYT2M1101 3/4$0.00TRAY - Two 4 3/4"-wide compartments
MYT3M1101 3/4$0.00TRAY - Three 3"-wide compartments
MYT4M1101 3/4$0.00TRAY - Four 2 1/4"-wide compartments
MYT6M1101 3/4$0.00TRAY - Six 1 1/2"-wide compartments

Replacement Trays

T1M1101 3/4 $11.80One 9 3/4"-wide compartment
T2M1101 3/4 $11.80Two 4 3/4"-wide compartments
T3M1101 3/4 $11.80Three 3"-wide compartments
T4M1101 3/4 $11.80Four 2 1/4"-wide compartments
T6M1101 3/4 $11.80Six 1 1/2"-wide compartments