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Eyewear Displays

Multi-Frame Displays

ZOSD121 1/2$6.32Single frame
ZOSD391 1/2$15.73Three frames in vertical display
ZOSD619 1/21 1/2$23.62Six frames
ZOMH619 1/47 1/26 3/4$28.91Clear acrylic display for 6 frames
ZOMN618 3/418.7563$31.40This white acrylic display has 6 notches for eyeglass frames or jewelry. 4 1/2” wide between notches
ZOLQ119 1/47 1/26 3/4$47.66

Eyewear Shelves

ZOSH6A3 1/462 1/2$9.20Angled shelves to display a single frame.
ZOSH6F1 3/463$9.20Flat shelf will display one pair of eyeglasses
ZOSH24A3 1/462 1/2$9.20Multiple frames

Open and Locking Eyewear Cases

ZOWP1236 1/43 1/4$115.35Seven open shelves
ZOWP1L236 1/43 1/4$128.45Seven shelves with front locking door and two keys.