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Locking Countertop Trays

Tray cases are essential to jewelers, swap meet sellers, and to collectors. Our locking tray cases are clear on all sides providing an unobstructed view. Each case is outfitted with a lock and two keys. Choose either square or rectangular tray cases.

Square Tray Cases

square tray cases

LCT1266 $21.49Square locking cases include lock and 2 keys
LCT2299 $28.10
LCT321212 $38.84
LCT441010 $39.68
LCT541414 $53.75
LCT641818 $65.30
LCT761212 $64.49
LCT861818 $79.34

Rectangular Tray Cases

locking tray case

The LCTR4 and LCTR55 are sized for use with standard 1″ and 1 1/2″-high open jewelry trays for rings, earrings, etc.

LCTR12 3/47 1/28 1/2 $26.45Rectangular locking cases include lock and 2 keys
LCTR22 3/4128 $41.34
LCTR42 3/414 1/28 1/2 $45.46
LCTR552 3/41517 $54.57
LCTR62 3/41812 $52.09