Create-Your-Own Shelving Kits

ImageNameFinishDimensionsPriceNotesShow QuantityBuy
CC2Chrome3/16" Insert Width | 2-way "L"$2.16Chrome finished connector clips, hinges, and hasps for creating shelf units The hasp connector allows a case to be locked with a mini padlock
CC3Chrome3/16" Insert Width | 3-way "T"$2.59
CC4Chrome3/16" Insert Width | 4-way$3.10
CCHASPChrome3/16" Insert Width |Hasp$2.94
CCHINGEChrome3/16" Insert Width | Hinge$6.03
CCP1010Clear10" H x 10" W x 3/16" Thickness$5.56Square
CCP1013Clear10" H x 13" W x 3/16" Thickness$6.80Rectangle
CCP10RClear10" H x 10" W x 3/16" Thickness$5.56Quarter-round
CCP1313Clear13" H x 13" W x 3/16" Thickness$8.32Square
CCP13RClear13" H x 13" W x 3/16" Thickness$8.32Quarter-round
CCP810Clear8" H x 10" W x 3/16" Thickness$4.46Rectangle
CCP88Clear8" H x 8" W x 3/16" Thickness$3.72Square
CCP8RClear8" H x 8" W x 3/16" Thickness$3.72Quarter-round