Round Risers

ImageNameFinishDimensionsPriceNotesShow QuantityBuy
RRC10Clear6'' H x 10'' Diameter$136.76
RRC105Clear3''H x 10''Diameter$76.76
RRC2Clear2" H x 2" Diameter$9.49
RRC25Clear1 1/2" H x 2" Diameter$4.73These clear acrylic cylinders with attached clear acrylic tops can be used as risers or inverted to serve as containers
RRC3Clear3" H x 3" Diameter$13.24
RRC35Clear1 1/2''H x 3'' Diameter$6.61
RRC4Clear4" H x 4" Diameter$20.56
RRC45Clear2''H x 4''Diameter$12.21
RRC5Clear4" H x 5" Diameter$25.40
RRC55Clear2" H x 5" Diameter$12.70
RRC6Clear4" H x 6" Diameter$38.74
RRC65Clear2''H x 6'' Diameter$21.05
RRC7Clear4" H x 7" Diameter$51.45
RRC75Clear2''H x 7''Diameter$25.71
RRC8Clear6'' H x 8'' Diameter$92.04
RRC85Clear3''H x 8''Diameter$52.71
RRE652''H x 6'' Diameter$18.01