Shell Displays

Although designed for seashells, these creative displays highlight other products equally as well. Shell dealers can also look to our Easels and Egg and Sphere Display chapters for many useful displays.

Reversible Spiral


8222 1/42 3/82 3/8 $1.16Designed for thorny oyster shells, this spiral also shows off murexes, cones, and many other shells
82333 3/83 3/8 $1.35

Nautilus Cup Displays


FL11 5/82 3/82 5/8 $1.47These tapered cup displays securely hold nautilus shells in a natural position. Holds less than 5''
FL22 3/82 3/43 5/8 $1.67Holds 5" to 7"
FL32 3/43 7/84 5/8 $2.01Holds 7" and up

Lighted Shell Displays


72L3 1/433 $7.93Designed for sea urchins and other shells, these bases are suitable for illuminating any hollow, translucent item. Six foot cord with in-line switch and 7-watt bulb included
SE1033 1/43 1/22 3/8 $12.29

Nautilus Easels


FGW1N2 1/81 1/23 1/2 $4.64This nautilus easel holds the shell in its most natural position. It comes in two basic sizes, with two widths each. (When ordering, consider that the stand should be narrower than your nautilus)
FGW1W2 1/823 1/2 $4.64
FGW2N3 1/825 1/4 $5.66
FGW2W3 1/82 1/25 1/4 $5.66

Mounting Bases


WA153 1/23 1/2 $1.13The aluminum wire on these bases is easily cut to length for mounting various sizes of shell specimens. Tip: You should insert a styrofoam peanut in small shells to seat the wire


Inverted Shell Display


453 1/223 $1.09Simple angled display holds an inverted nautilus or abalone shel
486 3/43 3/44 1/4 $1.86

Nautilus Clip Display


N33/8"2 1/42 3/8 $0.81This small clip holds a nautilus by the edge of the shell; recommended for small shells only