Lighted Display Boxes

Lighting transforms clear or translucent items into attention-getting merchandise. Glassware, crystal ware, paperweights, glass or crystal figures, mineral carvings, and glass spheres are just some of the things that you can highlight with one of our bases.

Small 4″ Light Bases – 110 Volt

Our 4”-square light box has a slightly textured plastic surface with a variety of different acrylic tops. All come packaged and assembled with a 6-foot cord with in-line switch and 7-watt bulb. (If colored light is desired, you may substitute your own 7-watt Christmas tree bulb.) The height of the box is 1 3/4”. Light hole measures 1-1/4″ Diameter. These are available in 220 at the end of this page.

LB11 3/444$20.61This model has no hole & has a translucent white top
LB21 3/444$20.61Black top with 1 1/4" hole
LB41 3/444$20.61Translucent white with 1 1/4" hole
LB51 3/444$20.61Chrome Mirror top with 1 1/4" hole

Large Light Boxes – 110 Volt

For greater illumination we make 6 1/2”-square light boxes that are equipped a special low-heat bulb that has a brightness equivalent to 75 watts. All of our large light boxes have smooth black, 3”-high acrylic base.


LBX136 1/26 1/2$84.32White translucent top with no hole
LBX236 1/26 1/2$84.32Black top with 2 1/2" hole
LBX436 1/26 1/2$84.32Translucent white acrylic top with 2 1/2" hole
LBX536 1/26 1/2$84.32Chrome mirrored top with 2 1/2" hole
LBTX63 1/26 1/27$241.07Combine light and motion with this 6 1/2" square lighted turntable. Light comes through a 1 3/4" center hole while it revolves at 1 1/4" RPMs. 110 volt



Wooden Lighted Displays – 110 Volt


This features quality one-piece construction with rounded edges. It comes with a 7-watt bulb and 6-foot cord with in-line switch. Center hole is 1 1/4” diameter. 

LB2WD1 3/444$34.62



220 Volt Light Boxes and Displays


Our most popular light boxes are available here with a 220-volt cord and bulb.

LB1E1 3/444$17.70No hole, translucent white, 220-volt cord and bulb.
LB2E1 3/444$17.70Black top with 1 1/4" hole, 220-volt cord and bulb.
LB4E1 3/444$17.70Translucent white with 1 1/4" hole, 220-volt cord and bulb.
LB5E1 3/444$17.70Chrome Mirror top with 1 1/4" hole, 220-volt cord and bulb.
LB2WDE1 3/444$27.62Walnut light box with 220-volt cord and bulb.