Rotating Tower with Changeable Inserts

Rotating Ring Tower and Case

Includes 8 inserts, lock, and 2 keys.

rotating ring case

CPDCR201212$377.85This unit has 8 gray ring inserts, allowing 288 rings. Locking case protects rings

Double Locking Door Case

This case has five angled shelves with a 1″ lip. There are doors on both sides of this case, and the case revolves on a lazy susan base. Two locks and four keys are included.

double locking door case

LRC222213 1/47$250.07This locking cabinet is designed to hold 120 standard ring boxes or watch boxes . The cabinet has five V-Shaped angled shelves with a 1" lip. Comes with 2 locking doors and rotates on a 12" lazy Susan base

Rotating Ring Towers

Rotating ring tower with inserts. This small footprint display allows you to place a large amount of inventory in a small space. Attractive acrylic mirror located on the corners, helps to catch the customers attention. Item CPCR2 is our half-size unit and holds 144 rings in 4 inserts. Item CPDCR1 (pictured) has two tiers with a total of 8 inserts and holds 288 rings. Inserts and cases are sold separately.

ring tower

CPDCR1201212$309.18Display and locking case. Cam lock and two keys are included. Price does not include inserts. You will need to pick out a combination of 8 inserts shown below to complete unit.
CPDCR2101212$232.49Display and locking case. The 4 sides of this display will accommodate gray foam ring boards or acrylic inserts with J-bars. (Only the 1 1/2" hooks can be used with the J-bar inserts when inside the locking case). Pick 4 inserts from below. Price does not included inserts.
CPD119 1/27 1/27 1/2$98.93Price does not include inserts. You will need to pick out a combination of 8 inserts to complete unit
CPD410 1/27 1/27 1/2$59.33Price does not include inserts. You will need to pick out a combination of 4 inserts to complete unit.
CPDR9 1/24 1/23/4"$12.38INSERT - Foam ring insert with 36 slots.
CPDJ39 1/24 1/22$12.38INSERT - Black acrylic insert with three J-Bar strips comes with 6 acrylic J-bar hooks 1 1/2" long
CPDJ29 1/24 1/22$8.31INSERT - Black acrylic insert with two J-Bar strips comes with 4 acrylic J-bar hooks 1 1/2" long