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Necklace Security Display Cases

HXN219 1/48 1/49 1/2 $131.08For attractive, rotating display and locking security, this acrylic case has a hand-turning knob on top for easy all-around viewing. A cam lock on the hinged door provides security, and two keys are included. This case has a hand-turning necklace hanger with 23 notches to hang 30" necklaces.
NCAS416 3/416 1/46 3/4 $93.73Hang a lot of necklaces in this square case with a built-in rack. A sliding black acrylic door in the back gives easy access, and a cam lock in the door provides security. Two keys are included. There are seven 3" long, 1 1/4" wide flat pegs to hang necklaces on. Hanging space is 15".
NCAS516 3/416 1/46 3/4 $103.12Hang necklaces in this case on a removable 1”-diameter rod. A clear acrylic sliding door provides access in the back, with a cam lock for security. Two keys are included. 15” hanging space, including the rod.
SQFC16J16 7/888 $110.99A four-way necklace tree is inside this locking case, which rotates on a lazy-Susan base. The inside hanging space is 14". Cam lock and two keys are included.