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Necklace and Bracelet Combination Displays

Bracelet Bar and Case

ACAS6*13 3/4147 3/4 $118.84Case and bracelet display must be purchased separately. Case includes cam lock and two keys
BCAS613 3/412 1/26 1/2 $74.26This three-tiered bracelet display is specially designed to fit into our all-acrylic locking case. The case has a slide-up door. Case and display are sold separately

Bracelet Bars

BT16 1/482 $27.36All of our round T-bar necklace and bracelet displays are made with endcaps on the bars to prevent jewelry from slipping off. Bases are beveled, polished acrylic
BT28 1/485 $39.38Front bar 5 3/4'' tall, back bar 8 1/4'' tall
BT310 3/488 $56.47Front bar 5 3/4'' tall, middle bar 8 1/4'' tall, back bar 10 3/4'' tall

Necklace Bars

NE1515 1/215 1/28 $32.30
NE51 3/485 $32.37
NE618125 $39.38
NE723165 $47.23

Bracelet Bars – Made to Order

BT414 3/4164 $30.20This cradle-type bracelet display features a removable rod. Minimum order required: 22 pieces
BT41F4 3/4164 $29.08Minimum order required: 22 pieces