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One-Piece J-Bar Earring Card Displays

Countertop card displays with J-bar attachments can be used with or without J-bar hooks, and are available in clear acrylic with clear J-bar or black acrylic with black J-bar. If hooks are needed, please search for items JHK15 or JHK3.

With 2″ spacing between J-Bar for 2″ earring cards.

AB112 1/484 1/2$22.46Holds 20 two-inch earring cards
AB1B12 1/484 1/2$26.05Holds 20 two-inch earring cards
AB214 1/4125 1/2$34.88Holds 36 two-inch earring cards
AB1212 1/4164 1/2$36.08Holds 40 two-inch earring cards
AB2B17 1/484 1/2$44.58Holds 36 two-inch earring cards
AB12B12 1/4164 1/2$46.74Holds 40 three-inch earring cards
AB419 5/8186 1/2$62.25Holds 72 two-inch earring cards
AB4B19 5/8186 1/2$78.46Holds 72 two-inch earring cards

With 3″ spacing between J-bar for 3″ earring cards.

AB313 1/4154 1/4$33.15Holds 20 three-inch earring cards
AB3B13 1/4154 1/4$39.52Holds 20 three-inch earring cards
AB516 1/2186 1/2$49.69Holds 30 three-inch earring cards
AB5B16 1/2186 1/2$52.61Holds 30 three-inch earring cards