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Bulk Bins, Food Bins, Candy Bins

We offer a wide collection of acrylic bins for bulk foods, candy, grains, cereals, nuts, and seeds. Bulk bins are also used for organization in homes, businesses, warehouses, and in retail stores.



Mini Stackable Bins

MSB5559 1/2 $30.59Small mini candy bin
MSB65511 1/2 $31.59Medium mini candy bin
MSB75513 1/2 $35.65Large mini candy bin

Stackable Bulk Bins

SBB119 7/8811 1/4 $58.78Three sizes can be used alone or together, stacked as a graduated unit or using the same size unit on top of itself. The angled front is hinged. Sold separately or as a set of three graduated units.
SBB169 7/8816 1/4 $74.09Middle unit pictured above.
SBB219 7/8821 1/4 $95.89

Stackable Bagel Bins

SBBB12121211 1/2 $81.02Larger size bulk bins are excellent for bagels as well as many other bulk foods. These can stack as graduated sizes or stack the same size.
SBBB18121218 $92.59

Stackable Pivot Bins

PVB9997 $113.25Pull-open bins have an integrated easy-grip handle.
PVB12121210 $150.99

Double-Door Stackable Bins

DDSB88 1/4109 1/4 $51.11Hinged door offer access from both sides in these stacking bins.