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Bakery Display Cases

All of our premium food display cases include the following:

  • Latching doors
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Trays included
  • Rear door models
  • Front and rear door models for self-service


Three Tray Angled Front Cabinets

AFC1017 1/411 1/217 $222.66Rear-opening door. Trays included
AFC10D17 1/411 1/217 $236.24Front self-service door and rear-opening door. Trays included.
AFC1320 1/412 1/823 1/2 $285.25Rear-opening door only. Three trays included.
AFC13D17 1/412 1/817 $303.13Comes with both front and rear opening doors. Holds three molded trays (included). Stainless steel handles on both doors.

Wide Double Tray Cabinets

DTC10141511 $165.95Slanted front gives visibility to two trays (included). Rear door access. Countertop bakery case.
DTC10D141511 $189.73Case has BOTH front and rear opening access doors. Holds two trays (included).
DTC131418 1/214 $206.07Slanted front bakery cabinet holds two trays (included). Rear door access only.
DTC13D1418 1/211 $206.07Case has BOTH front and rear opening access doors. Holds two trays (included)

Wide Three Tray Cabinets

AFC10W17 1/41511 $222.66Rear door access. Three trays included
AFC10WD17 1/41511 $236.24This model comes with rear door plus front-opening self-service door. Holds three trays (included).
AFC13W17 1/412 1/817 $285.25Three tray case with rear-opening door. Trays (included).
AFC13WD20 1/418 1/214 $303.13Holds three trays (included). Front %Amper% rear opening door.

Square Bakery Cabinets

SFC1017 1/411 1/217 $243.07Holds three trays (included) on level shelves. Access door is on the narrow end.
SFC1320 1/413 1/223 1/2 $288.43Holds three trays (included).

Six Tray Bakery Case

BF6TC28 1/22414 $660.52This large, front-opening pastry case has two hinged doors with stainless steel handles. Doors latch closed. Holds six trays (included) on slanted shelves.

Single Tray Cabinet

AFST18818 1/214 $127.58The angled front of this cabinet is hinged for front access, and comes with tray


TRAYBC1011014 $6.99Working trays are made of tough material suitable for repeated handling and washing. Frosted finish
TRAYBC1311318 $9.30