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Multi-Sphere Displays

These units are designed to display a single egg or sphere up to 12 pieces.
Choose from the styles below:

  • Sphere Bars
  • Sphere Cylinders
  • Egg and Sphere Stairs
  • Triple Tee
  • Bent Sphere Risers

Sphere Bars

You can display several eggs or spheres with these varied displays. All multi-dimple blocks are beveled and polished clear acrylic.

MP11/23 3/46$16.30Three dimples 3/4", 7/8", 1" diameter
MP21/211 1/21 1/2$18.04Five dimples 7/8" diameter
MP741/27 1/26 1/2$22.06Three dimples 1" diameter
MP33/416 1/22 1/2$34.07Five dimples 1 1/4" diameter
MP753/498$36.73Three dimples 1 1/2" diameter

Egg and Sphere Stairs

Each display holds 12 eggs or spheres. Our HB8 comes with a backpiece on top for signage. The HB85 models do not have a backpiece. Made in clear or black acrylic. B denotes black acrylic.

HB89 1/88 3/46 1/2$36.06
HB8B9 1/88 3/46 1/2$38.06
HB859 1/4129 3/4$46.75
HB85B9 1/4129 3/4$52.09

Triple Tee


This triple tee display has three heights on one base to create an interesting arrangement. The heights are 2 1/8”, 1 1/2”, and 3/4”.

MRF332 1/83 1/42 3/4$18.04

Bent Sphere Risers

This style sphere display is made of 3/8”-thick acrylic and is polished throughout. Three models for displaying 1, 5, or 12 spheres.


FOH11 3/433 1/4$17.39Holds a single sphere.
FOH51 3/412 1/23 1/4$32.17Holds five spheres up to 2 3/8'' diameter
FOH121 3/421 3/44 3/4$60.10Holds twelve spheres up to 2 3/8" diameter

Sphere Cylinders

Create a striking look for a sphere arrangement using different heights and groupings with these beveled bases with clear acrylic cylinders. The 1 1/2”-diameter cylinders are beveled at the top, and the base has clear, stick-on feet.

MPT32 1/26 1/25 5/8$20.73Three different levels. This is a discontinued item and cannot be returned.
MPT43 1/486$24.69Four different levels. This is a discontinued item and cannot be returned.
MPT52 1/486$30.70Five cylinders are all at the same level with one inch betweeen them. This is a discontinued item and cannot be returned