Single-Bend Easels

These easels are bent at a 60° angle and feature the same quality polished acrylic as our double-bend easels.

We make our single bend easels in two styles:
GS easels have short legs for displaying flat objects like plates.
GT easels have longer legs to accommodate bowls and deeper items.



GS Easels

GS easels are a short legged easel for displaying flat objects in an upright position.


GS4.54 1/23 1/42 1/2$3.80
GS664 1/23 1/2$5.06
GS7.57 1/25 3/44 3/4$7.34
GS9975 3/4$11.22
GS12128 3/47 1/4$20.87
GS151510 3/49$21.65
GS15T1510 3/49$37.47A 3/8" thick version of our standard GS15
GS181812 1/410 1/2$38.48
GS18T1812 1/410 1/2$65.79A 3/8" thick version of our standard GS18

GT Easels


GT easels have longer legs and are able to display bowls, baskets, and deeper display items.


GT333 1/82 1/2$3.56
GT4.54 1/24 1/23 1/2$4.25
GT665 3/44 3/4$5.72
GT7.57 1/275 3/4$8.82
GT9997 1/4$12.83
GT121210 5/88 3/4$22.71
GT12T1210 5/88 3/4$30.30A 3/8" thick version of our standard GT12