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Miniature Easels

Miniature easels are sold by the piece or by the box. All of our mini easels pack compactly for low cost shipping.

Choose from:
Mini Slab Easels (36C and 36A),
Mini Hinged Easels (starting with DK), or
Mini Triangular Easels (starting with CAB).

Slab Easels – 36A and 36C


These economical easels are all stackable for compact shipping and storage. They were designed to display agate slabs, but have been ”discovered” as a way to show framed miniatures, tiles, and many other small, flat items. Also good for clocks, the #36A easel is designed to accommodate a standard battery-clock motor between the upright legs.

36A holds slabs up to 1/2” thick
36C holds slabs up to 3/4″ thick

36A2 1/432 3/8$1.30Sold individually
36C2 1/822 1/8$1.20Sold individually
BOX36A2 1/432 3/8$377.88288 pieces per box
BOX36C2 1/822 1/8$344.53288 pieces per box

Miniature Hinged Easels – DK218 and DK278


Available in two sizes, this easel folds flat and is perfect for packaging with a product or selling as a resale item. Because they are hinged, the DK easels can adjust to the width of your products. Both sizes are available in clear or black, and are sold individually or in boxes of 288 easels.

DK2182 1/81 5/8$0.99Sold individually
DK218B2 1/81 5/8$0.99Sold individually - Black
DK2782 7/82 1/8$1.29Sold individually
DK278B2 7/82 1/8$1.29Sold individually - Black
BOXDK2182 1/81 5/8$283.39288 pieces per box
BOXDK218B2 1/81 5/8$283.39288 pieces per box - Black
BOXDK2782 7/82 1/8$372.31288 pieces per box
BOXDK278B2 7/82 1/8$372.31288 pieces per box - Black

Miniature Triangular Easels – CAB2, CAB3, CAB4


Originally designed for stone and gem cabochons, these triangular easels are also excellent for coins, framed miniatures, medallions, sand dollars, stamps, and much more.

CAB21 1/21 1/41 1/2$0.66Sold individually
CAB32 1/81 3/42$0.83Sold individually
CAB43 3/83 1/81 7/8$1.30Sold individually
BOXCAB21 1/21 1/41 1/2$187.93288 pieces per box
BOXCAB32 1/81 3/42$233.39288 pieces per box
BOXCAB43 3/83 1/81 7/8$377.88288 pieces per box