Lighted Easels

These specialty easels are available in two styles to display stained glass, agate slices, or any collectible enhanced by backlighting. All of the lighted easels include a six-foot cord with in-line switch and bulb. Replacement bulbs can be found in the Lighting Accessories section.

GE Series


The GE series has short legs and will accommodate flat objects in an upright position. 


GE4.5L4 1/23 3/82 3/4$12.267 - Watt Bulb
GE6L643 1/4$14.587 - Watt Bulb
GE7.5L7 1/25 3/84 1/4$22.1620 - Watt Bulb
GE9L96 3/45 1/4$27.0920 - Watt Bulb

38 Series


The 38 series of lighted displays holds irregular shapes and flat shapes in an inclined position.


35Z32 7/83 1/8$8.407 - Watt Bulb
38Z3 1/23 7/83 1/8$8.797 - Watt Bulb
39Z4 5/84 7/84 1/4$9.897 - Watt Bulb