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Folding Easels

Both are adjustable, one with a vinyl-coated wire back, the other injection molded all acrylic.


Wire-Back Folding Easels


An adjustable easel with a vinyl-coated wire back for displaying thicker items up to the measure of the depth. Very popular for displaying books in bookstores and libraries.


LW20204 1/23 1/45 $2.80Clear
LW2020B4 1/23 1/45 $2.80 Black
LW20406 1/257 1/2 $3.61Clear
LW2040B6 1/257 1/2 $3.61Black

Injection Molded Folding Easels


Adjustable, injection molded folding easels fold flat for packing. By adjusting the upright side, you can change the angle of the item on display.


LG200032 3/83.5 $1.86Clear
LG2000B32 3/83.5 $1.86Black
LG20203 1/23 1/45 $2.59Clear
LG2020B3 1/23 1/45 $2.59Black