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Rotating Displays

Vertical Cylinder Rotators

Lids must be purchased separately.

countertop spinner

33376 3/41212 $113.62Complete display with base and cylinders
3337C144 $13.44Replacement Cylinder
3337Lid144 $2.99Optional lid



Ten Pocket Rotators

White acrylic base and center with alternating clear acrylic pockets. Mounted on a lazy susan base.

ten pocket rotators

TPRD418 3/49 3/49 3/4 $89.34Pocket size 2" high, 4" wide, 4" deep, clearance between pockets 4".
TPRD620 3/413 3/413 3/4 $123.08Pocket size 2" high, 6" wide, 6" deep, clearance between pockets 5".



Rotating Stacked Discs

This rotating countertop system gives you easy access to a large area of display without taking up much counter space, making it perfect for a large selection of small collectables or figurines. The white base is topped with 4 clear acrylic shelves.

rotating disks

RTR5221616 $155.56This rotating countertop system is perfect for a large selection of small collectibles or figurines. White base is topped by 4 clear shelves. Space saving design