Adjustable Platform Riser

OP1In either a 3 or 5 platform version these risers sit atop a bent acrylic rod, which can be turned to whatever position best fits your items. The larger plates on the 5 platform models are roomy enough to allow for shoes or other large items. All of these displays breakdown flat for easy shipping or moving from show to show and reassemble very quickly.




OP16 1/414 1/210 1/4$90.623 plates at a height of 4" and one at 6". Each plate is 7" x 4"
OP38 3/41915$184.053 plates at a height of two at 5 1/4" and one at 8 1/4". Each plate is 9" x 5.5".
OP510 1/425 1/220$254.825 plates at a height of two at 4 1/4", two at 7" and one at 9 3/4". Each plate is 11" x 7".