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Compact-Disc Displays

Our CD displays include CD Shelves, Tiered Bin Displays, Individual Bins, and CD Towers.

cd displays

CD Shelves

Open front shelf units in one or two levels.

CD15 1/411 7/86 1/2 $12.69
CD21211 7/86 1/2 $23.60

CD Bin Displays


For displaying CDs face forward, these convenient countertop bins are available in three or four tiers, with single or double compartment trays. End pieces and trays are separate, so you can order four different configurations. Ships unassembled, and comes with transparent two-piece fasteners for assembly. Price includes the trays.

CD display

CDB312 1/86 5/818 $54.191 row wide x 3 bins high
CDB3212 1/812 5/818 $69.422 rows wide x 3 bins high
CDB416 1/46 5/823 1/2 $69.921 row wide x 4 bins high
CDB4216 1/412 5/823 1/2 $97.892 rows wide x 4 bins high


Bins can be used separately for display, in single bin or double bin styles. These bins fit as replacements for the displays above.


T1CD46 1/46 $12.25Single bin
T2CD412 1/46 $19.22

CD Towers

In both a three and six level model this rack allows you to store up to 75 cd’s or 150 cd’s. Unit comes unassembled. If your decide you need more storage simply pick the add-on side and rods below, this will give you one more side, and enough double ended screws and rods to double the size of your unit.

CDT321 1/210 5/85 3/4 $79.28Three level model holds up to 75 cd's
CDT641 1/210 5/85 3/4 $126.46Six level unit holds up to 150 cd's