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Beveled Displays and Towers

Beveled Displays


These adjustable displays have attractive corner-cut shelves that will add visual interest to your merchandise groupings. They are made of beveled and polished 3/8”-thick clear acrylic. Ships unassembled.

OP6101019 1/47 1/4$68.03Three 6"-square platforms.
OP812122810 1/4$95.22Three 8"-square platforms

Beveled Towers

These display towers are made of beveled, polished 3/8”-thick clear acrylic, and the shelves may be positioned to achieve a variety of different looks. The base features protective, non-skid rubber feet. Ships unassembled.

TW616 1/213 1/47$77.75Three 6"-square platforms.
TW819 1/217 1/410$107.59Three 8"-square platforms
TWD819 1/21919$166.01The "bow-tie" shaped shelves on this tower are 8" square on each side