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Adjustable Bin Trays

These 2″ x 2″ bins are ideal for fishing flies, beads, marbles, tumbled stones or small collectables. Both the 24 compartment and the 54 compartment tray come with or without lids. Clear acrylic partitions are removable so you can adjust the size of the compartments.

adjustable bin trays

FLY12128 $34.9624 compartment version of Fly2 as shown above.
FLY1L2 3/4128 $45.4524 compartment version of Fly2L, with lid, as shown above.
FLY22 1/21812 $69.9254 compartments, open (without lid).
FLY2L2 3/41812 $87.3954 compartments. With hinged clear acrylic lid with handle.