Wide Bins

The wide bin system is made up of 24”-long trays that are 2” high and 2 1/2” deep. The system price includes the sides, nylon thumbscrews and the trays – choose “Complete Bin Systems” section below. To choose a complete Wide Bin System, select how many tiers you wish your display to be (from two to six tiers are available), then choose the number of compartments you would like in each tier. You can select a different tray for each tier of your display to get the exact bin display you want.

To order loose trays or replacement trays for an existing system, scroll down to Replacement Trays.

wide bin systems

Complete Bin Systems

YK8 1/424 1/49 5/8 $110.09Includes 4 mix & match trays from the options below
YL12 1/424 1/414 3/8 $159.04Includes 6 mix & match trays from the options below
YM16 1/424 1/419 1/4 $209.73Includes 8 mix & match trays from the options below
YP20 1/424 1/423 3/4 $258.67Includes 10 mix & match trays from the options below
YT12L2242 1/2$0.00TRAY - Twelve 1 3/4"-wide compartments
YT3L2242 1/2$0.00TRAY - Three 7 1/4"-wide compartments
YT4L2242 1/2$0.00TRAY - Four 5 3/4"-wide compartments
YT6L2242 1/2$0.00TRAY - Six 3 3/4"-wide compartments

Replacement Trays

T12L2242 1/2 $21.85TRAY - Twelve 1 3/4"-wide compartments
T3L2242 1/2 $21.85Three 7 1/4"-wide compartments
T4L2242 1/2 $21.85Four 5 1/4"-wide compartments
T6L2242 1/2 $21.85Six 3 3/4"-wide compartments