Cosmetics Displays

Lipstick Displays

LSTR39 1/27 1/2$26.12Step-tiered displays for 24 round lipstick tubes. Round holes are 1'' in diameter
LSTS39 1/27 1/2$26.1224 Square holes

Folded Style Lipstick Displays

LST121 1/29 1/24$14.371/8'' thick acrylic is folded over to provide a simple display for lipstick tubes. Holes are 1'' diameter. Holds 12.
LST181 1/29 1/25 1/2$20.43Holds 18 lipstick tubes in 1" holes.

Three Tiered Nail Polish Display

NP3616129 1/2$127.13Angled shelves enable sliding-feed for polish bottles up to 4'' tall. Each shelf has 6 slots.

Revolving Tiered Lipstick Displays

LST729 3/499$70.49Holds 72 tubes on two tiers and has a rotating base. Holes are 1" diameter.
LST36399$70.49Holds 36 tubes on one level and has a rotating base. Holes are 1" diameter.