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 Showcases & Floor Fixtures

Showcases & Floor Fixtures

Showcases & Floor FixturesJule-Art now offers an even greater selection of locking countertop showcases, in many new styles and sizes. We have also intorduced our line of acrylic floor fixtures featuring large shelf units on lightweight PVC bases. Line drawings below are just


 Slanted-Front Cases with Angled Shelves

 Locking Hexagonal Cases

 Locking Countertop Trays

 Divided-Shelf Cases

 Three-Angled-Shelf Cases

 Locking Case for Slatwall Shelves

 Revolving Shelf Security Case

 Floor Fixtures

 Cases with Sliding Doors

 Straight Front Sliding Back Locking Cases

 Double Locking-Door Case

 Modular Stacking Bin Units

 Slanted-Front Cases with Straight Shelves

 Dormer Window Cases

 Square Front-Opening Cases

 Clip-Together Shelving and Display Kits

 Hinged Front-Door Cases

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